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Growing Scope for Waste Water Treatment and Water Supply in Rural Areas to Drive Demand for Industrial Hosepipe at the Global Level: Ken Research

Upcoming on January 2017

Hose is a flexible pipe that is used to transmit fluid from source to sink under normal and pressurized conditions. They are available in various forms made from different material to suit the areas of application. They are used in almost all types of application where fluid transmission is required including dairy industry, fire services, marine and ships, petroleum industry, pharma, food, automotive, machinery and many others. Based on the industry of application the market may be organized or fragmented as there are companies that manufacture range of hoses as well as companies that specialize in particular hose category only.

Rising investment by Government on Waste Water Treatment and Providing Efficient Water Supply in Rural areas has elevated the demand for hosepipe in India as well as in other countries. However, still in some of the major countries, the wastage of water is extremely higher due to unnecessary leakage of water. In the UK, more than 3.3 billion liters of water are lost through leaking pipes every day which is equivalent to 20% of the nation’s water supply and enough to service the needs of 11 million consumers.   Water authorities are therefore facing increasing demand to find new and innovative ways to monitor water flow within pipes and ensure any possible loss is found and stopped as efficiently as possible.

Major companies in industrial hoses include Semperit Group, Trelleborg, Transfer Oil S.P.A, PIX Europe Ltd. and US Hose Corporation, Continental AG, Eaton, Gates, Parker, Terraflex, Heibei Yutong, Jingbo, Yokohama rubbers and many others. With advancement in material technology use of hose pipe has increased in industrial application. Its flexibility makes it easier to repair and replace. Asia Pacific is the largest market for hose pipe as majority of the companies has their manufacturing bases in China.

The publication is expected to be published in January 2017 and is currently available for pre-order. In order to know further on the publication scope, methodology, approach and other queries, contact at :

Scope-Global Industrial Hosepipe Market

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Research Methodology
  3. Value Chain Analysis in Global Hosepipe Market (Discuss about margin and problems in distribution at each level. It also includes the steps that can be taken to overcome with the issues at distribution level)
  4. Global Hosepipe Market Overview (Genesis and Current Outlook)
  5. Global Hosepipe Market Size

5.1.    By Sales Revenues, 2011-2016

  1. Global Hosepipe Market Segmentation

6.1.    By Regions (Americas, Asia - Pacific, Middle East and Africa and Europe), 2011-2016

6.1.1. Regional Segmentation by Major Countries, 2011-2016

6.2.    By Chemical Usage (PVC, PVY, NR, SBR, EPDM, SI, CR, UPE and XLPE), 2011-2016

6.3.    By Applications (Fire hose, Steam and cleansing hose, Compressed air hose. Hoses in mining industry, Chemical and refueling hoses, Water hoses in Agriculture, Hoses in machine construction/manufacturing, Autogenous hoses, Dairy Hoses and Others), 2011-2016

6.4.    By Major Markets (Agriculture, Airports, Green Building, Home Yard/Building Drainage, Inlet Structures, Waste Disposal Management, Low Head Pipe, Mining, Onsite Septic Systems, Railway, Retention/Detention Systems, Sanitary, Storm Water Drainage, Street and Highway Drainage, Timber, Turf and Recreation and Water Quality), 2011-2016

6.5.    By Size/diameter of the Pipe, 2011-2016

  1. Trade Scenario for Hose Pipe in Global Market

7.1.    Major Importers with their Value and Volume, 2011-2016

7.2.    Major Exporters with their Value and Volume, 2011-2016

  1. Project Laying Cost for Installing Hosepipe(Do this for major end users in the sector) (Cover this as a cross comparison between major countries)

8.1.1. Cover Time required, cost required, labor required)

  1. Decision Making Process for Buying Hosepipe           

9.1.    By Government in Water and Wastewater treatment

9.2.    By Industrial Sector

  1. Recent Trends and Developments in Global Hosepipe Market (Recent Mergers and Acquisitions in Global Construction Chemicals Market, Partnership, Product Launch, R&D)
  2. Issues and Challenges in Global Hosepipe Market
  3. Porter Five Forces Analysis in Global Hosepipe Market
  4. Snapshot on Each Major Countries for Global Hosepipe Market (Discuss bout market overview, size, segmentation, competition and future)
  5. Market Share of Major Players in Global Hosepipe Market, 2016
  6. Competitive Landscape of Major Players in Global Hosepipe Market (Cover parameters such as Company Overview, Business Strategies, USP, Recent Developments, CAPEX, Revenues from  Sale of Hosepipe, Installed Capacity for Hosepipe Production, Utilization of Installed Capacity, Revenue Split from  Regional  Sales, Number of Product SKUs, Manufacturing Plants with Capacity, Revenues Split by End Industries, Employees by each region and other parameters)  
  7. Global Hosepipe Market Future Outlook and Projections

16.1.BY Revenues, 2017-2021

16.2.By Regions, 2017-2021

16.3.By Major Applications, 2017-2021

16.4.Future Trends and Opportunities for Hosepipe Market

16.5.Cause and Effect Relationship

16.6.Analyst Recommendations


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