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Report Title

Mindray Medical International Ltd-Product Pipeline Analysis, 2017 Update

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Report Title

Mindray Medical International Ltd-Product Pipeline Analysis, 2017 Update

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Report Title

Mindray Medical International Ltd-Product Pipeline Analysis, 2017 Update

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Mindray Medical International Ltd-Product Pipeline Analysis, 2017 Update

Executive Summary


Mindray Medical International Ltd (Mindray) is a medical device company. Its major products include multi-parameter patient monitors, telemetry monitoring system, defibrillator, anesthesia machine, surgical lights, ceiling supply units, veterinary monitoring systems, hematology analyzer and reagents, microplate reader and washer, color doppler ultrasound system and veterinary ultrasound systems among others. Mindray sells its products to distributors, major hospitals, clinics, government agencies and ODM and OEM customers. The company has manufacturing and research and development facilities in Shenzhen, Beijing, Nanjing, Seattle, California, New Jersey, Stockholm and Florida. The company has presence in the Americas, Europe and Asia. Mindray is headquartered in Shenzhen, China.

This report is a source for data, analysis, and actionable intelligence on the company's portfolio of pipeline products. The report provides key information about the company, its major products and brands.

The report enhances decision making capabilities and help to create effective counter strategies to gain competitive advantage.


The report reviews detailed company profile with information on business description, key company facts, major products and services, key competitors, key employees, locations and subsidiaries and recent developments

The report analyzes all pipeline products in development for the company Mindray Medical International Ltd

The report provides pipeline analysis on all pipeline products of the company (by equipment type, by indication, by development stage, and by trial status)

The report covers detailed information on each pipeline product with information on pipeline territory, stage of development, device class, regulatory path, indication(s), application(s) and estimated launch date

The report provides detailed description of products in development, technical specification and functions

The report also covers ongoing clinical trials (wherever applicable) with information on trial name, trial objective, sponsor, trial design , trial status and phase, estimated start and end date.

Reasons to Buy:

Develop business strategies by understanding the trends and developments driving the medical devices pipeline and technology landscape

Design and develop your product development, marketing and sales strategies by understanding the competitor portfolio

To formulate effective Research & Development strategies

Develop market-entry and market expansion strategies

Exploit in-licensing and out-licensing opportunities by identifying products, most likely to ensure a robust return

Plan mergers and acquisitions effectively by identifying key players of the most promising pipeline

Identify emerging players with potentially strong product portfolio and create effective counter-strategies to gain competitive advantage

Develop competition strategies by identifying the status and likely launch of the competitors' pipeline products through review of the clinical trials, stage and of development, etc

Identify, understand and capitalize the next high-value products that your competitor would add in its portfolio

Note: Some sections may be missing if data is unavailable for the company

Table of Contents

Table of Contents 2

List of Tables 5

List of Figures 7

Mindray Medical International Ltd Company Overview 8

Mindray Medical International Ltd Company Snapshot 8

Mindray Medical International Ltd Pipeline Products and Ongoing Clinical Trials Overview 8

Mindray Medical International Ltd-Pipeline Analysis Overview 11

Business Description 11

Mindray Medical International Ltd-Key Facts 11

Mindray Medical International Ltd-Major Products and Services 13

Mindray Medical International Ltd Pipeline Products by Development Stage 15

Mindray Medical International Ltd Pipeline Products Overview 18

14-5 MHz Linear Array Transducer 18

14-5 MHz Linear Array Transducer Product Overview 18

BC-20s 19

BC-20s Product Overview 19

BC-30s 20

BC-30s Product Overview 20

CL-1000i-Anti HCV Test 21

CL-1000i-Anti HCV Test Product Overview 21

CL-1000i-Anti-HBc Test 22

CL-1000i-Anti-HBc Test Product Overview 22

CL-1000i-Anti-HBe Test 23

CL-1000i-Anti-HBe Test Product Overview 23

CL-1000i-Anti-HBs Test 24

CL-1000i-Anti-HBs Test Product Overview 24

CL-1000i-Anti-TPPA Test 25

CL-1000i-Anti-TPPA Test Product Overview 25

CL-1000i-CA72-4 Test 26

CL-1000i-CA72-4 Test Product Overview 26

CL-1000i-Calcitonin Test 27

CL-1000i-Calcitonin Test Product Overview 27

CL-1000i-CYFRA 21-1 Test 28

CL-1000i-CYFRA 21-1 Test Product Overview 28

CL-1000i-Folic Acid Test 29

CL-1000i-Folic Acid Test Product Overview 29

CL-1000i-HBeAg Test 30

CL-1000i-HBeAg Test Product Overview 30

CL-1000i-HBsAg Test 31

CL-1000i-HBsAg Test Product Overview 31

CL-1000i-HBV Test 32

CL-1000i-HBV Test Product Overview 32

CL-1000i-HIV Combo Test 33

CL-1000i-HIV Combo Test Product Overview 33

CL-1000i-Intact PTH Test 34

CL-1000i-Intact PTH Test Product Overview 34

CL-1000i-NSE Test 35

CL-1000i-NSE Test Product Overview 35

CL-1000i-Vitamin B12 Test 36

CL-1000i-Vitamin B12 Test Product Overview 36

CL-1000i-Vitamin D Total Test 37

CL-1000i-Vitamin D Total Test Product Overview 37

CL-2000i-ACTH Test 38

CL-2000i-ACTH Test Product Overview 38

CL-2000i-Anti-HBc Test 39

CL-2000i-Anti-HBc Test Product Overview 39

CL-2000i-Anti-HBe Test 40

CL-2000i-Anti-HBe Test Product Overview 40

CL-2000i-Anti-HBs Test 41

CL-2000i-Anti-HBs Test Product Overview 41

CL-2000i-Anti-HCV Test 42

CL-2000i-Anti-HCV Test Product Overview 42

CL-2000i-Anti-TG Test 43

CL-2000i-Anti-TG Test Product Overview 43

CL-2000i-Anti-TPO 44

CL-2000i-Anti-TPO Product Overview 44

CL-2000i-Anti-TPPA Test 45

CL-2000i-Anti-TPPA Test Product Overview 45

CL-2000i-BNP Test 46

CL-2000i-BNP Test Product Overview 46

CL-2000i-C-peptide Test 47

CL-2000i-C-peptide Test Product Overview 47

CL-2000i-CA72-4 Test 48

CL-2000i-CA72-4 Test Product Overview 48

CL-2000i-Calcitonin Test 49

CL-2000i-Calcitonin Test Product Overview 49

CL-2000i-CK-MB Test 50

CL-2000i-CK-MB Test Product Overview 50

CL-2000i-Cortisol Test 51

CL-2000i-Cortisol Test Product Overview 51

CL-2000i-CYFRA 21-1 Test 52

CL-2000i-CYFRA 21-1 Test Product Overview 52

CL-2000i-DHEA-S Test 53

CL-2000i-DHEA-S Test Product Overview 53

CL-2000i-Folic Acid Test 54

CL-2000i-Folic Acid Test Product Overview 54

CL-2000i-HBeAg Test 55

CL-2000i-HBeAg Test Product Overview 55

CL-2000i-HBsAg Test 56

CL-2000i-HBsAg Test Product Overview 56

CL-2000i-HIV Test 57

CL-2000i-HIV Test Product Overview 57

CL-2000i-Insulin Test 58

CL-2000i-Insulin Test Product Overview 58

CL-2000i-Myoglobin Test 59

CL-2000i-Myoglobin Test Product Overview 59

CL-2000i-NSE Test 60

CL-2000i-NSE Test Product Overview 60

CL-2000i-PTH Test 61

CL-2000i-PTH Test Product Overview 61

CL-2000i-Thyroglobulin (TG) Test 62

CL-2000i-Thyroglobulin (TG) Test Product Overview 62

CL-2000i-Troponin I Test 63

CL-2000i-Troponin I Test Product Overview 63

CL-2000i-Vitamin B12 Test 64

CL-2000i-Vitamin B12 Test Product Overview 64

CL-2000i-Vitamin D Total Test 65

CL-2000i-Vitamin D Total Test Product Overview 65

Photoacoustic Probes 66

Photoacoustic Probes Product Overview 66

Mindray Medical International Ltd-Key Competitors 67

Mindray Medical International Ltd-Key Employees 68

Mindray Medical International Ltd-Key Employee Biographies 69

Mindray Medical International Ltd-Locations And Subsidiaries 70

Head Office 70

Other Locations & Subsidiaries 70

Recent Developments 73

Mindray Medical International Ltd, Recent Developments 73

Aug 26, 2016: Mindray Release its New Hand-Carried M6 Ultrasound System 73

Jul 26, 2016: Mindray and MedTest announce FDA 510(k) Clearance for the BA-800M Clinical Chemistry Analyzer 73

Jul 07, 2016: New Waves in Ultrasound Innovation Mindray Releases Its Premium Resona 6 Ultrasound System 73

May 20, 2016: Mindray Showcases Comprehensive Portfolio at Hospitalar 2016 74

Apr 21, 2016: Mindray Releases New Generation DC-30 Ultrasound System 74

Apr 21, 2016: Mindray Releases New Generation DC-40 Ultrasound System 75

Mar 04, 2016: Mindray officially launched Resona 7 ultrasound system in Europe at ECR 2016 75

Feb 04, 2016: Mindray BeneVision N22/N19 Patient Monitor Wins the iF DESIGN AWARD 2016 76

Nov 18, 2015: Masimo Provides Update On Settlement With Mindray 76

Nov 17, 2015: Mindray Showcases Latest Innovations at MEDICA 2015 76

Appendix 78

Methodology 78

About GlobalData 80

Contact Us 80

Disclaimer 80

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List of Figures

Mindray Medical International Ltd Pipeline Products by Equipment Type 9

Mindray Medical International Ltd Pipeline Products by Development Stage 15

List of Tables

Mindray Medical International Ltd Pipeline Products and Ongoing Clinical Trials Overview 8

Mindray Medical International Ltd Pipeline Products by Equipment Type 9

Mindray Medical International Ltd Pipeline Products by Indication 10

Mindray Medical International Ltd, Key Facts 11

Mindray Medical International Ltd, Major Products and Services 13

Mindray Medical International Ltd Number of Pipeline Products by Development Stage 15

Mindray Medical International Ltd Pipeline Products Summary by Development Stage 16

14-5 MHz Linear Array Transducer-Product Status 18

14-5 MHz Linear Array Transducer-Product Description 18

BC-20s-Product Status 19

BC-20s-Product Description 19

BC-30s-Product Status 20

BC-30s-Product Description 20

CL-1000i-Anti HCV Test-Product Status 21

CL-1000i-Anti HCV Test-Product Description 21

CL-1000i-Anti-HBc Test-Product Status 22

CL-1000i-Anti-HBc Test-Product Description 22

CL-1000i-Anti-HBe Test-Product Status 23

CL-1000i-Anti-HBe Test-Product Description 23

CL-1000i-Anti-HBs Test-Product Status 24

CL-1000i-Anti-HBs Test-Product Description 24

CL-1000i-Anti-TPPA Test-Product Status 25

CL-1000i-Anti-TPPA Test-Product Description 25

CL-1000i-CA72-4 Test-Product Status 26

CL-1000i-CA72-4 Test-Product Description 26

CL-1000i-Calcitonin Test-Product Status 27

CL-1000i-Calcitonin Test-Product Description 27

CL-1000i-CYFRA 21-1 Test-Product Status 28

CL-1000i-CYFRA 21-1 Test-Product Description 28

CL-1000i-Folic Acid Test-Product Status 29

CL-1000i-Folic Acid Test-Product Description 29

CL-1000i-HBeAg Test-Product Status 30

CL-1000i-HBeAg Test-Product Description 30

CL-1000i-HBsAg Test-Product Status 31

CL-1000i-HBsAg Test-Product Description 31

CL-1000i-HBV Test-Product Status 32

CL-1000i-HBV Test-Product Description 32

CL-1000i-HIV Combo Test-Product Status 33

CL-1000i-HIV Combo Test-Product Description 33

CL-1000i-Intact PTH Test-Product Status 34

CL-1000i-Intact PTH Test-Product Description 34

CL-1000i-NSE Test-Product Status 35

CL-1000i-NSE Test-Product Description 35

CL-1000i-Vitamin B12 Test-Product Status 36

CL-1000i-Vitamin B12 Test-Product Description 36

CL-1000i-Vitamin D Total Test-Product Status 37

CL-1000i-Vitamin D Total Test-Product Description 37

CL-2000i-ACTH Test-Product Status 38

CL-2000i-ACTH Test-Product Description 38

CL-2000i-Anti-HBc Test-Product Status 39

CL-2000i-Anti-HBc Test-Product Description 39

CL-2000i-Anti-HBe Test-Product Status 40

CL-2000i-Anti-HBe Test-Product Description 40

CL-2000i-Anti-HBs Test-Product Status 41

CL-2000i-Anti-HBs Test-Product Description 41

CL-2000i-Anti-HCV Test-Product Status 42

CL-2000i-Anti-HCV Test-Product Description 42

CL-2000i-Anti-TG Test-Product Status 43

CL-2000i-Anti-TG Test-Product Description 43

CL-2000i-Anti-TPO-Product Status 44

CL-2000i-Anti-TPO-Product Description 44

CL-2000i-Anti-TPPA Test-Product Status 45

CL-2000i-Anti-TPPA Test-Product Description 45

CL-2000i-BNP Test-Product Status 46

CL-2000i-BNP Test-Product Description 46

CL-2000i-C-peptide Test-Product Status 47

CL-2000i-C-peptide Test-Product Description 47

CL-2000i-CA72-4 Test-Product Status 48

CL-2000i-CA72-4 Test-Product Description 48

CL-2000i-Calcitonin Test-Product Status 49

CL-2000i-Calcitonin Test-Product Description 49

CL-2000i-CK-MB Test-Product Status 50

CL-2000i-CK-MB Test-Product Description 50

CL-2000i-Cortisol Test-Product Status 51

CL-2000i-Cortisol Test-Product Description 51

CL-2000i-CYFRA 21-1 Test-Product Status 52

CL-2000i-CYFRA 21-1 Test-Product Description 52

CL-2000i-DHEA-S Test-Product Status 53

CL-2000i-DHEA-S Test-Product Description 53

CL-2000i-Folic Acid Test-Product Status 54

CL-2000i-Folic Acid Test-Product Description 54

CL-2000i-HBeAg Test-Product Status 55

CL-2000i-HBeAg Test-Product Description 55

CL-2000i-HBsAg Test-Product Status 56

CL-2000i-HBsAg Test-Product Description 56

CL-2000i-HIV Test-Product Status 57

CL-2000i-HIV Test-Product Description 57

CL-2000i-Insulin Test-Product Status 58

CL-2000i-Insulin Test-Product Description 58

CL-2000i-Myoglobin Test-Product Status 59

CL-2000i-Myoglobin Test-Product Description 59

CL-2000i-NSE Test-Product Status 60

CL-2000i-NSE Test-Product Description 60

CL-2000i-PTH Test-Product Status 61

CL-2000i-PTH Test-Product Description 61

CL-2000i-Thyroglobulin (TG) Test-Product Status 62

CL-2000i-Thyroglobulin (TG) Test-Product Description 62

CL-2000i-Troponin I Test-Product Status 63

CL-2000i-Troponin I Test-Product Description 63

CL-2000i-Vitamin B12 Test-Product Status 64

CL-2000i-Vitamin B12 Test-Product Description 64

CL-2000i-Vitamin D Total Test-Product Status 65

CL-2000i-Vitamin D Total Test-Product Description 65

Photoacoustic Probes-Product Status 66

Photoacoustic Probes-Product Description 66

Mindray Medical International Ltd, Key Employees 68

Mindray Medical International Ltd, Key Employee Biographies 69

Mindray Medical International Ltd, Subsidiaries 70

Glossary 79

Single User License:
Report can be used by individual purchaser only

Site License:
Report can be shared by unlimited users within one corporate location, e.g. a regional office

Corporate User License:
Report can be shared globally by unlimited users within the purchasing corporation e.g. all employees of a single company

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